Sunday, November 15, 2009

Now that Crafty Goodness 2009 is over...

it's time to discuss other crafty things! Crafty Goodness 2010 is in the works, we are currently searching for a suitable venue. Any ideas, shoot me an email at The main goal of the show was to help promote the great artists from all over Northeastern Ohio, and in turn support the handmade movement. I could not have been more pleased with the turnout, from both the shoppers and the artisans. The vision we had came to fruition at the show, and we hope to make 2010's version even better.

This leads me to a new movement I recently found out about: the 3/50 movement. In a nutshell, pick 3 local businesses and spend $50. It doesn't get easier than that, does it? Have dinner at a local restaurant, buy your fruits and veggies from a farmers market, shop local on etsy, the possibilities are endless. With Christmas coming up, this is so important. When you shop local, 60% stays in the community, as opposed to a measly 6% if you frequent one of the evil big box stores. Want more info? They have a facebook page:

with over 20,000 fans. Spread the word!

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