Sunday, October 31, 2010

Crafty Goodness 2010

CG 2 is almost upon us, and I am getting excited. There will be so many great artists packed into the Parma Elks Hall come Saturday. Here's who we have lined up:

CMS Designs
Stoneware Pottery ,Fused Glass

Cherry Lane Goods
Resin and Jewelry

Stuffies, Purses

Simply Gemuine
Hand-Crafted, Repurposed Jewelry

Annamarie Hudson
Light Bulb Vases

Dawn DiCarro
Jewelry & Stained Glass

Swamp Rat Photography
Photography, Magnets, Jewelry & Pillowcases(as featured on Regretsy!!!)

Artsy Gal Jess
Purses, Wallets, Clothing, Paintings

Leather & Fabric Handbags

Blue Monkey
Tie-Dyed Clothing & Accessories for Kids

Four Fish Ink
Hand Pulled Linocuts & Cards

Lilly Pea Designs
Handmade Cards & Gift Tags

Stephie Lou's Handbag Heaven
Handbags & Accessories

Lazy T Crochet
Knit & Crochet

Pepi Pottery
Stoneware Pottery

Luxe Goods
Beaded Jewelry, Purses/Cuffs made from recycled materials & other crafty fun

Pixie 29
Leather beaded wrap bracelets

Bella Ragazza Designs

Erika Originals
One of a kind Jewelry

Courtney MacCanon
Photography & Crochet

Swank Jewelry
Jewelry with a Tiki Feel

Red Giraffe Designs
Jewelry, Home Decor, Accessories

Arden Candle Company
Hand-Poured Spa Candles

Creative Expressions 76
Bath & Body, Cosmetics, Hand Painted Magnets/Paintings

Angela Hohlakis
Handmade Cards

Janine Marie
Girls Hair Accessories

Fawnie J
Handcrafted Jewelry

Jewelry, Modern Home Goods

Slightly Embellished/Aurelias
Paper Goods Including Cards, Journals, Frames & More

Toony Jewelry
Dainty Costume Jewelry with a Vintage Flair

Tattoo 1981 Ink
Kids Clothing, Modern Housewares

Toxic Shock Clothing
Clothing & Accessories

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Summer is here and tons of shows are in the works. First up, on June 7th, my very first trunk show featuring me! I'm a little nervous, but totally psyched and stocked up on tons of handmade goodness to offer. Then, on to the summer incarnation of Bazaar Bizarre which should be totally cool on July 3rd. And after that, Cirque Imaginaire on July 10.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Handmade May

I just found an interesting concept being started by Jess at Epheriell Designs, Handmade May. I think every month we should try and buy handmade/local as much as possible, so I can definitely get on board with this. With the warmer weather coming up, there will be lots of outdoor shows and festivals, so buying handmade crafty goodness should be easy. And since Mother's day is coming up, be sure to check my etsy for all kinds of gift ideas, from outdoor decor to serving pieces. I've also added jewelry to my shop as well.

For more info on Handmade May click here.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where you should be March 27th...

Cirque Imaginaire of course! 33 local artists, 3 live bands, 1 great city.

For more info click here

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, January 25, 2010


I don't go on as much as I once did, nor post as much as before, but alas I am a featured project on the Bath and Body Board for my loofah soap! They really were hot sellers at Christmas time, and many people on my own list did get a bar or two. I'm debating on making more for upcoming shows. Do I want to be primarily stoneware or do both? Decisions, decisions...

Check it out here

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, it's been awhile...about a month into 2010 already. Which means time to get ready for my second year of selling! My etsy goal was 52 sales last year, and I actually made 54!!! The new year has been off to a slow start, but I am envisioning this new year to be a great one. I am currently working on a new line of stoneware creations, the first of which should be making it out of the glaze fire in the very near future. I wait with bated breath to see the results!

I am also in the process of booking a few shows, more details to come.

But the MAIN thing on my mind is the whole late night debacle. Ever since the whole Letterman thing, I have viewed Jay Leno as the anti Christ. And now, history is repeating itself. Why he continues to get his way is a mystery. I propose a boycott when he returns in March. I always watched Letterman anyways, but found myself flipping between Dave and Conan since he took the reins of the Tonight Show. After just watching the final show, only two words come to mind. MORE COWBELL!