Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, it's been awhile...about a month into 2010 already. Which means time to get ready for my second year of selling! My etsy goal was 52 sales last year, and I actually made 54!!! The new year has been off to a slow start, but I am envisioning this new year to be a great one. I am currently working on a new line of stoneware creations, the first of which should be making it out of the glaze fire in the very near future. I wait with bated breath to see the results!

I am also in the process of booking a few shows, more details to come.

But the MAIN thing on my mind is the whole late night debacle. Ever since the whole Letterman thing, I have viewed Jay Leno as the anti Christ. And now, history is repeating itself. Why he continues to get his way is a mystery. I propose a boycott when he returns in March. I always watched Letterman anyways, but found myself flipping between Dave and Conan since he took the reins of the Tonight Show. After just watching the final show, only two words come to mind. MORE COWBELL!

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